Double decker bus home

The double decker bus mobile home idea takes me back to the perception of people moving around in the 60s. Not sure where it fits into today’s society or fuel prices but for those who are minimalistic and want to travel as a group it still does come out as a viable contender especially for things like bands or other acts moving around a country needing to stop in a different town every night.

The design was done by Aristide Antonas who is a Greek professor of architecture and the conversion does seem an interesting although may not be practical for road movement. At the same time with rising fuel prices I can see larger vehicles coming off the road and this also might be a viable reason for converting one if you can get it through town/city planning for something cheap to convert.

The two storey vehicle is designed with 7 beds, a sitting room and a restroom not sure how the caravan club will see it on one of their holiday sites mind.

double decker bus home double decker bus home double decker bus home double decker bus home