20ft Shipping container dimensions and weights


With the initial assessment on home designs done with shipping containers as well as assessing the best methods of either interior or exterior cladding done. I then thought but how many people actually know the dimensions of a shipping container? Because no point ordering one if it won’t fit in the place your looking to put it.. so here is the information on internal,external and weight limits of a 20ft shipping container.

20 Foot Container Specifications:

External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Operating Weights (lb)

Length: 20′                 Length: 19′-4″                 Max Gross:    52,910
Width: 8′                   Width: 7′-8″                   Max Payload: 47,895
Height: 8′-6″               Height: 7′-9″                   Tare: 5,015

Internal Capacity: 1,166 Cubic Feet