Shipping container office – IDS 09:BSQ. Design Studios

As space becomes expensive and the way property and land got expensive before the slump although going to climb again at some point it does make sense to maximise your working environment especially when most business rates taxes are based on size of the place your using. Having a small carbon footprint as well as a small land foot print will help keep costs down and your business more viable.

In this case a single unit that is not only small and practical but also off grid. Its power generation comes from solar and boasts a roof deck as well as a green roof space. On the inside recycled materials add a flair of design and colour to the building and I can see this being very practical for many people especially those working at home who just want a unit at the bottom of the garden 9 – 5.shipping container office - IDS 09:BSQ Design studios shipping container office - IDS 09:BSQ Design studios

credit: Harry Wakefield of Mocoloco