Cut down shipping container used for office,reception or guard house.


Here in the Philippines I often come across new building developments and guard houses on sub divisions with terrible conditions for the guards. Considering they are the first port of call when visiting a site they are also the first image that reflects on a company. At the same time expecting professionalism from workers also comes about by treating them with respect as well. A run down old shack isn’t what I would call a step in the right direction but these converted cut down containers offer a good solid location that offer a functional and practical office space. At the same time once the homes are completed and possibly a new guard house is constructed these units can be moved meaning instead of constructing a shack every sub division development you can physically take a “mobile” guard house/reception with you.

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Jewelry wall mirror cabinet with lock ideal for shipping container furniture

Jewelery cabinet full length mirror

This mirror is another item that can be built into the wall of the shipping container as well as the ability to hide the locking mechanism by adding a few bits to the front of the mirror which would then make the mirror look “flush” and not the fact it keeps your jewelry secure. On the other hand it also stops jewelry getting all tangled up which often happens in a jewelry box. I have added a link to Amazon below for those interested in purchasing one but depending where you are I don’t think it would be difficult to build one with the main expense likely to be the glass not the actual cabinet.



Shipping container Eco Village for the Philippines – Matt’s big idea

Cinco Camp - Texas

Its a concept I have been toying with for several years and pretty much ironed out most of the issues involved. The big question is how many other people are interested in setting up a container village?

The photo is of a development in Texas and its for photography purposes only the designs I am looking at will be different but just want to get the idea across.

The development would be a mix of foreign and locals with an interest in sustainable living and projects. Doesn’t all have to revolve round what we are doing locally as the idea is to have likeminded people in an environment that encourages green living as well as hopefully throw up some new ideas.

vertical gardeningThings like along the sides of the containers doing vertical gardening to give a food source as well as shade and maximising space.

Aquaponics, permaculture, solar and wind energy and possibly a water mill to produce localised lighting in the community are all ideas I want to bring to the table.

imageDon’t want to live amongst a group of drop out hippies? Guess what neither do I, I am looking at sustainable development because of the fact its self sufficiency offers up a lifestyle that people have forgotten or feel they can no longer afford. When you start looking at what life really costs you and how things like having a car to get a better job that is further away from home that ends up with a debt on the car as well as expensive petrol which nobody ever sits and calculates how much they would save by simply finding a lower paid job nearby. Or in my case the internet. The internet is awash with Internet “people” who simply don’t need the binds of expensive living and having a community that is based on technology as well as having several people of a similar mindset allows methods to role out across the web in different ways. It also allows people to improve their profit margins and in turn the whole project becomes more viable in another direction. In reality I am looking at building something that will not only last but will be mimicked by others. Food costs are rising yet again and although a lot of it is fake most comes down to the fact everything is moving via freight of some kind pushing demand on oil further. What about picking tomatoes from the garden how much energy does that burn? maybe a lettuce from your aquaponics setup?

The whole concept is people helping people not only in producing food because of different levels of gardening experience but also livelihoods.

But stop hold the press! Foreigners can’t own the land in the Philippines! and your right they can’t but I am looking to form up a community on land my wife will be the legal owner of but everyone has 50 year leases with a guaranteed 50 year extension on it. We sub lot a large area and this way you as the “home owner” control your piece of land there will be annual costs involved due to taxes, security and other things but I am looking to make this a long term commitment that encourages people to stay for life.

Shipping container restaurant

shipping container restaurant shipping container restaurant

Although the shipping container gives a rustic industrial look which draws people to the restaurant. The horizontal shipping container makes a bold statement and a talking point as well as an interesting attraction as visitors can view the unit from inside. For more information on the restaurant please feel free to visit their site.

using the exterior of a shipping container as a vertical garden

vertical container garden

Utilization of the side of a shipping container for a vertical garden gives space for growing food and plants but also the greenery can offer a barrier to the shipping container from the sun.

Shipping Container Eco Loft Rises – South America

Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane

Amongst a dense pine forest near Uruguayan beaches is Container Design Loft, a luxurious bright red hotel made from stacked shipping containers.The entrepreneur and Alejandra Dellepiane created this high class accommodation complete with nouvelle cuisine. The shipping container lofts offer eco tourism offers up relaxation as well as sports facilities in a localised environment. On top of that organic food much of which is grown on site in surroundings that are in keeping with this amazing South American country which offers up dunes and deep blue sea to wind the hours away.

A bit of information on the owner is that she moved to Los Angeles at the spring age of 18 and after working at some top restaurants began cooking privately for TV stars including Steven Spielberg, Blake Edwards, Julie Andrews, Danni de Vito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Barbara Streisand.

When she fell pregnant she decided to make the move back home to South America relocating to Punta del Este an area famous for its expensive luxury living. She quickly found opening a restaurant for the jet set was an instant success. Drawing on her experiences and knowledge instead of managing her own business she decided to create a concept for Philippe Stark’s luxurious Yoo Tower, which opened in Punta del Este two years ago.

Building on the experience of that she has now moved to the next town along which is an isolated fishing town called Jose Ignacio where herself another chef Emmanuel Romano and architect father came up with the Container Design Loft.

Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane Container Design Loft - Alejandra Dellepiane

Shipping container home – Ecopods

The Ecopod was developed by Dwight Doerkson as a home that is easy to transport and doesn’t need connecting to the power grid. Like many of the other units we have looked at today its got a lowered side difference with this one though is it has a solar winch that can be operated at the flick of a switch.

A few eco ideas in the property include a rubber floor made from recycled tyres, 12v lighting system, solar refrigerator and a composting toilet. A lot of work has gone into these designs and homes although $40,000 does seem steep for me on the sale tag.

Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods

Shipping container specifications

shipping container specifications

Even though standardisation of shipping containers has been in existence since 1967 its still not as specific as it may seem. Most people recognise 20ft and 40ft containers but in reality they vary between 10ft and 53ft in length (10ft are very common here in the Philippines for small loads). The heights also vary from 4.25ft to 9.5 so if buying a container getting the exact metrics internally and externally are important otherwise you could end up buying something unsuitable for your needs. The only thing that does seem to be standard is width at 8ft, what the containers are made from and internal dimensions vary between manufacturers and companies needs.

An example of this is Matson’s who after calculating the best sizes of container for their operations along the West coast of Hawaii set upon using 20ft and 24ft containers that fitted their converted freighters from WW2 and integrated a racking system into the freighters specifically for the containers. This allowed the containers to be stacked six high and to be easily offloaded at the dock side using specialist crane equipment.

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

The concept of this bathroom is more about water conservation than anything else. Allowing a viewing screen you can actually see how much water your heating up for a shower and thus you can see how much your wasting on electric and water, reducing one will naturally reduce the other. At the same time it struck an idea with me as well for people recycling grey water and/or rain water as it makes just as much sense to go with tanks to show how much water is available and being used every time you use it. Its a stylish modern bathroom and I could see it being utilized in a shipping container home or at least its concept could be. Its definetely something that would make people more aware of how much they are using and in a stylish modern way.

Now the other key feature of this bathroom though is that it conserves water by utilizing the tap water to fill the cistern on the toilet which is another green feature that makes common sense on the shipping container homes just as much as someone’s lush penthouse.

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Shipping container home – Prefab Drop House by D3 architects

What I love about this design is firstly its not obvious its a shipping container home and secondly it has that very French flair and feel to the property. Not big but practical having sliding glass doors/windows allows airflow through the property which here in the Philippines is an important point when trying to keep cool at the same time in Europe the fresh air, the sounds of nature are all reasons to use the natural environment and bring it into your home. Great design love it!shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects